Picture An Eye With Three Crosses

Jesus Sees Your Pain

You can be delivered from your addiction. Recovery is waiting on you to take that first step. We are here to help you take many more steps.

Don't wait any longer. Jesus will deliver you, if you only believe and reach out to him now.

Get Help With Your Addiction Today!

We understand when a man who has been lost in addiction is in need of recovery, his resources are often very limited.

Logos Lodge provides you with an opportunity to be delivered from your addictions, rehabilitated, and to find a new way of life, in spite of any potential economic road blocks that may exist.

We do this by combining our addiction recovery classes and counseling services with a half day of work for every man. We believe that a man should work with his hands to take care of himself and to help others.

This fosters the restoration of honesty and dignity. When a man's honesty and diginty are restored, integrity is at the door, and when integrity enters, there's nothing that man can't accomplish.